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Residential Interior Design Project

Our skilled designers produced detailed drawings and specification packages to ensure that our bespoke vision would be implemented by our contractors to the highest-standard; Spatial plans and joinery elevations were key to the success of this high end design.

Considered choices rather than expensive mistakes.

Interior design is a profession, not a hobby. When hiring an interior designer you are embarking on a valuable journey, utilising skilled practitioners who spend dedicated time developing designs and are able to draw upon years of knowledge - with refined technical capabilities and the experience to execute ideas into a reality…


Our key team members have attained experience working for some of the most illustrious design-houses within in the UK

Our diverse teams collective experience, passion and aptitude for design has allowed us to create schemes which genuinely acknowledge and embrace the delicate balance needed between timeless luxury and intelligent design.

Where quality, personal expression and longevity collide.

Consuming without thinking long term is a costly cycle that many find themselves lured into. Buying objects that rapidly become irrelevant or worse, quickly fall apart, is all too common - not only is this bad for the wallet but it is equally damaging to how a space feels to interact with on an emotional level.

About Rachel Usher Interior Design

We’re not simply ‘an interior design studio’ - we’re more than that

A successful interior should enhance the way you experience space and reflect the individuality of the client.

interior Design Services

Our luxury interior design services are crafted to offer us the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients

Our highly trained design team have the capability to realise structural and architectural interior designs. Taking a consciously connected approach to interiors ensures that the schemes that we deliver bring true meaning to the lifestyles of our clients.

10 key questions to ask a designer, and yourself.

Attempting something for the first time can be daunting and hiring an Interior Designer is no exception. Knowing if your visions will align, if they are qualified professionals, how long a project takes to complete and most importantly; what is billable - are all are common questions to ask yourself.



Residential Project - Guest Bedroom